Babo Airport, Papua Province, Indonesia

Don’t know if anybody here has been working on the Tangguh LNG Project, or on the rigs drilling the wells in the Gulf of Bintuni.
If so you may have crew changed through Babo Airport:

Oddly enough, looks exactly like the “airports” in much of Alaska. Including the guys sleeping on the benches.

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You mean in the “1st Class Lounge”??

Where’s the duty free shop?

The Olek (Motorcycle Taxi) Drivers waiting outside have a stash of Duty free Kretek Cigarette that they offer as a sideline business,

PS> They are the only means of transport from Babo Port, where the crew boats come in, to the airport,
Babo Port;

Reminds me of a couple of airports I have passed through in Mexico. . . .

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