Wing In Ground Vessels

Saw this company in the news, wanting to do fully autonomous WIGs, with possible electric power. I for am one for innovation and change, 100 kts on the water in time could be possible to do that safely with new collision avoidance technology.

WIG’s are definitely cool. The Soviets had a giant sucker that could have been used for amphibious assaults.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, on Youtube you can find little DIY WIG gliders. They scoot across the floor like air hockey discs.

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The Caspian Sea Monster:

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Amazing that it has never been thought of before.

Just in case you are unsure, the plane has to give way in a close quarters situation.


Looking at their website, it looks like they have a business that would be ideal for Caribbean, Greece, SE Asia, for logistics, Amazon etc. Wonder what the cost to build something like that.

Sunderland flying boats landing in view of my school were responsible for some of my low marks. I remember going past a RNZAF Sunderland at anchor and the crew were having a bit of a fry up. You could smell the bacon and eggs cooking.

In 1979-80 we did crew changes from Seletar, Singapore to Matak on the Anambas Islands, via Tg.Pinang, Indonesia by Albatross flying boats.
Landing and takeoff at Matak was in a bay facing the South China Sea
In the NE Monsoon it could be exciting, especially taking off towards the hills at the end of the bay.


I routinely encounter seaplanes in the East River. They take rich folks from 23rd st to the Hamptons. I had to call up on one after he cut me off.

I heard Dean Kamen the Segway guy ran a WIG around long Island sound but I never saw it.

Not forgetting of course:


Pretty clever the way the Flying Ship folks solved the problem of turning a WIG without having to fly out of the ground effect. I wonder if that small outboard sponson is enough, but tests will tell.



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Seaplanes are different than WIGs, WIGs are vessel that only need to follow maritime regulations, Seaplanes follow ICAO.

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Until they alight on water where they become subject to the COLREGS at the bottom of the pecking order below WIGS.

Yes, but seaplanes and wigs are completely different

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Has anyone suggested otherwise?

He lives at a museum near Salem, Oregon.

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Wing in ground is passé


Dang, you beat me to it.
Refueling tanker for heavy bombers?

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Timely. I’d like to visit.

Universal Hovercraft WIG prototype (I think it is a knock off of a Russian design)


Yes but that was Agent’s of Shield testing a new design for a Helicopter Ship.