Large osv from master 3000

I can hear the pointy sticks being sharpened as I type, but here goes…

What does it take to get the large OSV endorsement from Master 3000T? I’ve got plenty of days as master just under 3000t, so as I read it, I’d qualify for large OSV limited to 4000t. The sea time requirement is straightforward, but then what? Is there a test? Assessments?

I looked it up in the CFR’s and read a million posts, but I’m still not seeing the answer.

See Enclosure (5) of NVIC 3-17.

Thank you Mr. Cavo, extremely helpful as always.

One last question… How does not having an osv restriction affect the process? The NVIC specifically says having master osv under 3000 fulfills the examination requirement, but what about a non trade restricted license?

The NVIC lists the licenses that don’t have to be tested. If you don’t have one of them, you take the test.