KNRM tests drone for the detection of drowning persons

At the beginning of June, the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) deployed a drone in Scheveningen to locate drowning victims. The trial is an initiative of the KNRM, KPN and TNO.

KPN provided a 5G connection, which is necessary to transmit high-resolution images and data from the thermal imaging camera on the drone, also to the lifeboat. 5G offers the possibility to give priority to mobile data from rescue services, for example when it becomes busier on the beach.

The images from the drone were collected and analyzed by TNO. The research institute wants to develop software that automatically locates people in need in the large amount of image data and records their location.

drowning is one breath of water…
Does the drone predict the future

I would guess the drone is used to look for people showing signs of distress. Hopefully before that breath of water occurs.

That’s correct. They had to develop a digital thermal footprint of a drowning person. Searching with eye sight from a sea level position in a choppy or rough sea is now augmented with an eye in the sky. Looks promising, especially if this process is automated. It is expected to save valuable time thus lives.

drowning is a silent process, its not like the movies

Similar tech is being used on Quter Banks starting last year. Mostly for recovery.

I recall Newfoundland dogs being used as lifeguards on western European beaches. I can’t find a source but did find this.
Newfoundland Dogs Help the Italian Coast Guard Save Lives.