The compatibility of integrating drones into search and rescue operations - Research

Hello fellow seafarers
I am currently conducting research on the compatibility of integrating drones into search and rescue operations with Plymouth University maritime science and require your opinion.

Drones are an emerging technology that is being rapidly adopted for different purposes across many industries. As the early-stage technology continues to improve it becomes evident that the utilization of drones for ensuring efficient and effective SAR missions has emerged as a promising technological solution, Potentially Improving the response time of Search and rescue and preventing unnecessary loss of life.

Do you believe they could be utilised as a life saving tool or do you think the barriers to the technology overshadow the benefits.
please let me know your opinion and fill out the following very short survey…/drones-in-s-r

Thank you
Dan S

It helped with the search for my dear duck hunter nephew is all I can say. Recovery, not rescue. May he RIP…

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Who’s the professor at Plymouth University that’s always telling his grad students to post their surveys here.

I did read through the survey though, I think drones for SAR Purposes in the maritime realm would be absolutely beneficial. But the survey is also angling for whether they would be good for the average merchant crew to be trained and equipped to utilize them for this. I don’t think that would be a good idea or work at all. Leave drone ops and professional rescue to the professionals. The idea that an additional required training on how to operate a drone and a requirement that ships carry them is not feasable in my opinion.


The mariners today are under a heavy load as far as training just to keep up their licenses. i would not add that as a requirement, but an option to hire. Then again…expert at finding lost crew members would not be on my resume. I never lost a man. Leave it up to the drone people.

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