Keeping GOM hiring thread open

I think this thread should be closed as the point has been made, then repeated, then repeated at a louder volume:

A) GoM is ok for a quick buck, most big companies don’t treat their employees well

B) ECO and certain individuals is not a good match

C) Many people will embrace the suck, ride the hiring wave, take the money and run

Did I miss anything? Please close this thread.

I think it’s worth keeping open for the potential for updated intel from those trying to get hired.

Just need to block/suspend the spammer though.


I can see how the posts from @Ctony & others discussing real, current wages in GoM can be beneficial to job seekers. Even the talk about which companies offer transportation is helpful. IMO, keep the thread open. Warn or suspend the poster blatantly violating forum guidelines.

Just flag any off-topic posts. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

Since that hasn’t happened yet I think it’s safe to say it never will.

I’ve lost any and all empathy because this forum has periodically been taken hostage as her soapbox for the last 5+ years. It’s the delivery, not the message. We also haven’t seen the proof behind the allegations.

There’s a lot of context to take into account with this person. Reading for seventeen minutes since you joined is not going to give you the flavor.


She’s not the only female engineer to post here (and one of the others is IMO well respected for her on-topic opinions).

Many of us have tried showing empathy, only to be disparaged by her. Now every time anyone tries to have a discussion about working in the Gulf, or working as an Engineer, she spams each thread with regurgitated personal complaints. Every topic does not need be a Fu@K ECO thread.


Amira is likely the new identity of the troll. Now going on my ignore list.
. Reminds me of the character in the movie “Fatal Attraction” with the obsession with ECO. Claims to have stellar qualifications but can’t move on from ECO and find employment elsewhere. Why the fascination with one minor player in worldwide shipping? I am not even sure that the troll is female at this point.


Catherder. She’s a hawsepiper too. She hasn’t been very active here in a while.


She retired. I’m certain that many people would like to see her posting again.


Emrobu is another female engineer whose posts I enjoyed although we haven’t heard from her in a while. Something about your comments doesn’t add up. I have seen only positive comments about females onboard vessels on this forum. A person’s attitude goes a long way in determining their success in life.


One of the other recent engineers making good posts is a woman. She just doesn’t reveal her gender to everyone, or make any complaints.


That’s a silly and offensive answer. If you want to get any respect here, invest some time in reading the forum. Pro tip – you can search on user names.



I read all of Catherder posts. She sounds like a good engineer & awesome mariner period, male or female has nothing to do with it. I believe all of her sexual harrassment horror stories from when she was a female soldier & later as a female mariner, no questions asked. She said she had some really bad things done to her like tire slahing, unjustly passed over for promotions etc. & I believe her 100%. Oddly enough, from what I recall, cajaya was the only person to give catherder a hard time on this forum? I’m sure I could work with or for catherder with no problems. The other lady? YIKES. I would carry my cell phone in my breast pocket recording everything said 24/7. I would be a one hitch bitch & not come back until that lady was gone.


I never saw women or minorites have any issues when I worked at Chouest. My experience is a small sample size but many others her had similar experiences. It seems like Cajaya’s experience is an anomaly, not the norm. (Assuming her allegations are true at all.)

Between the two whom people have mentioned, they have collectively posted over 4,000 comments over the last ten years. Perhaps do some reading before jumping to judgment on what you haven’t seen.


So you have read all that person’s posts (in this and other topics) and the conclusion you’ve come up with is that the only reason that she’s drawing criticism is due to her gender?

What a lazy take.


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