Just received your mate pilot license

No of anyone that will hire a green mate pilot. Any info would be appreciated

Not really, since I’ve never heard of that. First Class Pilot… yes. Mate… yes. Mate Pilot Though??? What country is your CoC?

That’s Mississippi River towboat jargon.

The USCG prints Mate of Towing in the MMC, but in the towboat business they have historically called the mates “Pilots.”

In the towboat business, they call the senior deckhand the “mate.” They don’t use the term bosun.

You will have to prove yourself in the wheelhouse. Many guys try to do what you are asking. Get a license and then slip into a Captain spot. There is no replacement for experience. Most likely you will be hired on deck and have to work your way up. The good news is that inland market has a shortage of qualified wheelhouse candidates when you are trained up properly.

cleat = kevel

bollard = timberhead

transom = taterbox

Anybody know any other good ones feel free to add them!

I’ve been steering for a 2 years with my steersman license. I just submitted my TOARS with my letter of sea service as well as a copy of my radar certificate.

Then why don’t you try and get cut loose at the company you are at? The companies I work with will all raise an eye to someone coming over that isn’t “cut loose” yet. The majority of the time, they will put that guy back out on deck to prove himself.

See the first “FAQ” in Enclosure (1) to NVIC 3-16:
What is the difference between “Mate” and “Pilot” or “Apprentice Mate” and
“Steersman” of towing vessels?
In practice, there is no difference. The terms are interchangeable but their use may vary
by regional practices. An endorsement under 46 CFR 11.465 will be issued as “Mate
(Pilot) of Towing Vessels” and an endorsement per 46 CFR 11.466 will be issued as
“Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels.”
Note that there is also a rating endorsement (not a license) called “Apprentice Mate” - it’s the equivalent of an endorsement as “Deck Cadet” at maritime academies. It’s used for mariners in programs like the “workboat academy” that are trainees, but not academy cadets.

I definitely do that thank you for your input

No = Know