Just more political tirades

It will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court does over the next few years.

Start a new thread if you’re going to delve into a political tirade and continue to bash NMC for affirmative action hires you can’t even confirm. This is a good thread to get an idea of how long the ACTUAL wait time is as opposed to some guy screaming at the wind about how data entry folks aren’t hired to highest of high standards.


This shows you aren’t very well informed on the topic since that’s not the reason anyone claims the court isn’t credible.


Overturning Roe V Wade is a symptom of the failing court, not the cause.

Clarence Thomas is deeply and unrepentantly corrupt (feel free to seek out the relevant ProPublica articles), and his wife was heavily involved with Jan 6th. Neil Gorsuch and Amy Barrett (who is wildly unqualified to begin with) shouldn’t even be on the Court and are only there due to bad faith Republican political maneuvering. Brett Kavanaugh is also unqualified, was only tossed onto the court because he indicated a sitting president was immune from indictment, and is problematic for his own reasons (sexual assault allegations among them, and did you see his behavior during his confirmation hearing?).

How can you possibly think none of that impacts the courts credibility? Is it only because all that conservative scheming helped out your team? My commentary about your bigotry has nothing to do with the case on Affirmative Action and everything to do with you drawing a straight line from NMC delays to Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action was an attempt to address the systemic racism built into the fabric of this country, and not recognizing that is nothing more than willful and malicious ignorance.

Conservatives also love to cherry-pick MLK quotes to fit their agenda, but that isn’t even worth getting into lol. Please spare me the projection about blinders and racism.


Supreme Court justices need to be much better paid, and outside income and gifts that might create the appearance of a conflict of interest need to be clearly circumscribed.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are certainly a lot more credible than either of the two leading 2024 Candidates for President. Maybe that’s not saying much.

But they lack a code of ethics and do not wish to entertain the idea of conflicts of interest being a disqualification. The Supreme Court has become a political organization that not only has no real code of ethics but is also selected by the party in power at the time of their appointment. To think they issue objective rulings is ludicrous.

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No point in responding to you because you’ll just go back and edit the comment being responded to. Thankfully we can see the edit history but I knew from the start this conversation would be a waste of time. At least you’ve discovered the awareness to back away slowly. Have a great rest of your day, thanks for playing.

It is optics at its core. The courts reluctance to institute an ethics standard is a problem. Both in logic and public perception. It sure does not seem like this chief justice is concerned with either and that should bother a lot more people.

In my opinion, you cannot claim to love your country if you are not willing to hold its leaders to the highest standard. That apathy is how democracies die. America is not dead on its feet just yet, but the current state of the supreme court has it punch drunk for sure. Their unwillingness to try and correct course will lead to certain death.