Just left navy trying to get not maritime industry

I was Recently discharged from the navy and really want to work on tugs in new York harbor. I worked as a machinest mate but was never stationed on a ship just shore duty so I have no see time. I was wondering what is the process to get an entry level job on a tug boat? My concern is only in getting in with a good company I can give 20 or more years to and retire from. I am currently 26.

I was toldy navy bootcamp takes care of stcw? Any truth to that?

Also I currently work on bard a racing yacht. I have a bunch of Asa certifications. I am assuming they don’t mean anything in the commercial world. Is that true? Thanks!

Veit send me a private and I’ll make a few calls for you.

Use the search tool on the forum and you’ll learn most of the answers to your questions.

Good luck. There are few if any jobs available in the tugboat world right now. Guys with 1600 oceans license are working as ABs just to get a paycheck.