Just Discovered Sunken Ship! Pirate Ship?

So I was on Google Earth looking at a place I used to live. I will keep this location confidential for now… but anyways, I noticed something dark in a strange area and I zoomed in on it. It was a ship!

I am no ship expert thats why I came here to these forums hoping that you can tell me what type of vessel this looks like to you…

Its strange because I can honestly say that I dont think anyone knows about this sunken ship. I know the area very well… used to live there, no one ever talked about it. I have been researching it for the passed 5 hours to see if I can pull up any information and NOTHING!

It measures 100 feet in length by about 25 feet in width. My guess is its about 10 to 20 feet underwater, which isnt deep by any means. I understand that these measurements are similar to old pirate ship type vessels? Is this true?

Anyways, I am really excited about this find! Give me your input, I would love to hear it!



Check this out, if you haven’t already.
It is the Google Earth Blog and has a .kmz file you can open to see shipwrecks visible in Google Earth.

Good luck!

not wanting to burst anyone’s bubble, but that sure looks like a small coastal cargo vessel…steel hull with the superstructure and masts removed. probably been down for 20 years or so based on the amount of growth on her.

sorry but any treasure on her was the old brass and that was probably lifted in the first week she was down. Hell it might have been pulled off the hulk first which was then scuttled there to get rid of it in the middle of the night.