Just asking - Valid Driver's License

Why do you have to have a valid DL. For some company’s

You must be able to obtain proper credentials to sail as an OS on anything over 100GRT, and to obtain a MMC there is a CFR stating that you must have a valid drivers license.

So I don’t have to drive the carry all all the way on crew change

Oh I have everuthing I just wanted to find out before I gave someone the wrong answer, will that effect her from getting a job if its suspended

If it’s suspended for a DUI, then you aren’t supposed to have the credential in the first place (to the best of my belief). I think if it is suspended for anything less than what would be a misdemenor or felony (like a mulitple reckless driving citations) then it does not indicate a record of personal responsibility.

Anybody able to add to this or clarify it?

My roommate at the academy had a suspended drivers license. Not for a DUI, child support I think. But he was able to get a zcard and sail as a cadet. Is that not the same as a entry level OS?

It is any rating OS to Mate to Master. You must have a drivers license. There was a man in New York about ten years ago challenging this, he was eligible for a drivers license, just had no need for a drivers license. I’m not sure how that went. Maybe Mr. Cavo can clear this up for us.

I had a friend at school who was the same way. He was able to get a license but he never did because he used mass transportation for everything. I may be wrong on this one, but I’m about 99% sure they allowed him to get his license without a DL. I know he has his DL now, but I’m not sure about when he graduated.

I don’t believe you need to have a DL for credentials. You DO allow the CG to check your driving records. And as C.Captain says any problems like DUI reflect on your irresponsibility and therefore unsuitability for a credential. But many companies require a DL just in case you ever have to drive a company vehicle and it also helps to make sure that you can actually turn up for work, when you live (relatively) local. Living local is also a requirement for some companies.
But I think the real reason companies require it is just because they use a standardized application form.

Have you tried some of the smaller companies just to get started? I think Adriatic marine needs OS’s. The boats are nice (4 164’s and launching a 195 as we speak). Not hard to get on if they have an open spot. Search Adriatic in the jobs section they had an ad not long ago.

Good luck

Hay thanks I will look into them, but I had a friend who DL, was suspended due to her not having a valid tag and insurance