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Are the evaluators at the NMC all 3rd party temp agency guys? I had a pretty basic endorsement kicked back to me, after a month and a half waiting for evaluation, for not meeting qualifications. I do meet the fairly simple qualifications and I had to resubmit the same seatime letter with an explanation and the basic arithmetic in the email body. I was polite and don’t think it sound patronizing or condescending. It’s now been waiting for another month in the “waiting to be evaluated” stage. I’m aware that coronavirus yadda yadda and holiday yadda yadda but how does X agency function with no accountability and/or little competence. I can still work and make money, and I’ve read some real horror stories on here, but at what point have you guys had to really bitch and elevate things like this? Do you get on a nasty list afterwards? Is there any secrets to expediting the process that people should know?

Evaluators are government (GS) employees. The Call Center staff are contractors.

That makes sense. I’m sure something was just overlooked on account of workload but it’s keeping me from getting a better job.

I’ve had to teach evaluators their own policy before. I don’t know what the training is like before they’re cut loose to evaluate applications but that shouldn’t happen as much as it does.

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i’d be pretty hesitant to ‘‘make a statement’’ but one might ask something like “how long should this take” , or ““are things proceeding normally”” … or “does someone there hate me”" ha ha haha

I actually had an evaluator call me once and she worked with me on the phone to solve a problem. I was pleasantly surprised.