Jose Femenia

NEW YORK, NY – September 24, 2013 – Jose Femenia, former Head of Engineering and Director of the Master of Marine Engineering Program at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, has been named a consultant at utiliVisor.

UtiliVisor is a leading energy advisory firm that offers comprehensive energy monitoring and analysis services for the marine industry, providing accurate, reliable solutions to boost the fuel efficiency of vessels. Mr. Femenia will serve as a technical advisor for utiliVisor clients on shipboard propulsion and power systems.
“Jose’s background at the US Merchant Marine Academy and as a professor at SUNY Maritime College makes him uniquely qualified to analyze system performance, identify opportunities for energy savings and bring solutions forward for our marine industry clients,” said Tim Angerame, Director at utiliVisor.
A professor of marine engineering for close to 50 years, Mr. Femenia has conducted extensive research on marine engineering design and power plant analysis, and design and operations for marine vessels. He has authored numerous publications on marine engineering and education, including refereed journals, and has contributed to technical texts and reference books. Mr. Femenia has been a consultant to various maritime organizations, including the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and United States Merchant Marine Academy, as well as various admiralty law and patent law firms. He also served as principal investigator or associate investigator for such sponsoring organizations as the Office of Naval Research, Marine Board, and Sea Grant. His most recent research activities focused on commercial Arctic shipping and marine nuclear propulsion systems for commercial vessels.

A Fellow and Past President of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), Mr. Femenia received the organization’s Webb Medal for contributions to marine engineering education and its Bliss Medal for contributions to military engineering education. He serves as the SNAME Technical & Research Panel M48, Nuclear Power for Commercial Ship Propulsion, co-chair; is a member of the Society of Marine Port Engineers and a Past President of the organization; and is a member of the American Society of Engineering Educators.

A licensed Professional Engineer; Third Assistant Engineer, steam and motor, USCG (US Coast Guard), retired; and Chief Engineer, NIULPE (National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Professional Engineers) retired, Mr. Femenia received a master of science degree in mechanical engineering from City College, City University of New York and a bachelor of marine engineering from the State University of New York Maritime College.

Founded in 1978, utiliVisor offers comprehensive energy monitoring and advisory services for the marine industry, providing accurate, reliable solutions to boost the fuel efficiency of vessels. The utiliVisor system is a web-based, networked solution, built on open standards, that works in real time to collect and format data, monitor operations and equipment errors, and deliver oversight via web-based alerts and alarms. (