Jones Act "Hawaii Article"

Interesting article out of Hawaii.

From the linked article:

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Wasn’t this basically what the entire Cable Ship Security Program was about? They reflagged 3-4 Subcom ships so they would have US flag cable ships. I know that doesn’t make them Jones Act but I thought it was meant to sort of check the box for security/us jobs.

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When a foreign built ship becomes US Government owned, it automatically becomes Jones Act qualified. And it stays Jones Act qualified when the government sells the ship to US Citizen owners.

Normand Clipper appears to be still NOR registered. Presently in Java Sea, Indonesia:

So she is obviously not one of the “3-4 reflagged Subcom ships”
(For illustration only??)

Those ships aren’t government owned

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No one claimed otherwise. Learn to follow conversations.

Is someone complaining about the use of the specialized ship to lay a few cables and leave?

Someone sponsored the article … so what is the back story here?

Neither did I.
I pointed out that she was NOT British, nor re-flagged to US and that she probably appeared in the OP article as an illustration only.

PS> The cable ships that has been re-flagged to US is the “CS Dependable”, “CS Decisive” and
“CS Global Sentential” .

Six of the Reliance Class were built at KHZ in Singapore in early 2000s. “CS Global Sentential” at Keppel FELS in 1990s. (I remember watching then being built)

History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy - Tyco Cable Ships.