Well after having an OS MMD I realized none of the tug company in the Northeast wanted and OS. So now I just completed lifeboatmen and am starting AB next week, So soon I will be an AB special. All the company’s say they are hireing AB’s but are they looking for unlimited or will the take a special guy like me???

Tugs don’t need unlimited AB’s…for them to say that they need them is BS!

Keep pushing back and don’t quit…

There’s nothing that says a company has to hire an OS if they prefer unlimited ABs…even if it’s not required. Unlimited ABs are obviously more qualified.

If the company(s) said that they’ll hire you as an AB, by all means get it. An AB special will work. NMC will even endorse “Tugs and towboats- any waters”, upon request with 12-months service. This is an equivalent category to other routes. ref. 46 CFR Ch.I 12.05-7

Since I don’t have AB MMD yet I can not start applying to company’s. until then can anyone give me any ideas on how hard it is or isn’t going to be to get a AB deck hand job on a Northeast tug company???

I have…
*STCW minus the nav watch
*50 ton masters inland

But I only have 30 days working on a tug, all my other thousands of hours are rec sportfishing and boating. so I will be a ab special