Jobs F/Vs to Tugs

Last I checked it hasn’t moved past REC yet but that was early last week. With this new information about my sea time I’m wondering if I can change my requested credential from OS to AB Special before it moves past REC

You might contact the REC and see if you can modify your application request. If they agree to a modification, they will need all of your sea letters and possibly a modified CG 719B.

There is the assumption that your sea time is eligible for the 1.5 rule. If not you will get an Awaiting Information letter from NMC if the they see it differently. So continue with getting the 28 days in case you need them.

Also consider that you will need to take Lifeboatman and Able Seaman examinations or in lieu of examination courses for the National AB Special.

As you are waiting for things to come together do some research on towing companies. Look at past employment threads as they are a good starting point.

Look for companies that provided entry level and follow-on industry training. e.g., Vane Brothers, Edison Chouest Offshore Training Academy, etc.

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Yes I am going to call the REC today and see what they say. I did email my sea time along with my application so they do have that already. Again, I wanna thank everyone that has been involved in this conversation for there time and thoughts, it’s a HUGE HELP, and greatly appreciated. This can be confusing in the beginning, I’m finding out, if the right questions don’t get asked. If not for the help I’d still be in the dark

Entry level compensation is around $270-$390/day. (West Coast)

Many companies will pay for your training and licensing if you stick around. Look for companies with tugs under 100GT as you will not need an AB to work on those vessels and it will get your foot in the door.

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IIRC, only tugs and supply boats are authorized to work the two watch system and thus only they get 1.5 day credit for 12 hour days. Evaluators are known to mess up though and apply the day-and-a-half to vessels where it isn’t supposed to be applied, if they say you don’t have enough time point out the 12 hour days and hour your the best.

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If you have an application ID you can email the NMC directly and officially request to add AB Special to your application.

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I’m looking into that as we speak because all my time has been on F/Vs between 100 and 200GRT where with a three man deck we rotated 10hrs on 5 hrs off. The smallest of the four I got my time on it was a two man deck, 6 on 6 off

Upon further research I’m realizing that, at least at the moment, although I may have the time to qualify for AB Special, I would still be required to take the Lifeboatman course first.

You are correct that a prerequisite to AB is the lifeboatman. Recommend that you review the NMC checklist for AB. You will find the checklist on the NMC Website.

The USCG application process will screen you for qualification and suitability, The evaluation process will approve you to test for both Lifeboatman and AB. You will receive an approval to test letter. Your approval is good for 12 months.

Once you have your approval to test letter, you can decide to test at the Regional Exam Center (REC) or attend a USCG approved courses in lieu of examination.

I recommend that you consider the approved course path vice testing at the REC. The Coast Guard testing covers a broad area of questions that you may not be familiar with.

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Yea that definitely sounds like the route I wanna take. I definitely wanna cover all my bases and do everything the right way