Job Opportunities in Asia


Hi All,

The company I work for is currently looking for certified DPOs and ETOs to be located in the Bohai Sea in China. Interested parties can contact me here, or at for more information.

Best regards,

Melody Chia


Melody, I sent you an email from



Hello Melody, I have emailed you a resume. I am wondering is your company is Epic Marine? I saw something on the internet where they are looking for Unlimited Licensed crew, is this true in this case?


Hi Steve,

I haven’t received your email. Would you mind sending it again? No, our company isn’t Epic Marine. We are representing one of the top three offshore engineering firms in China.




Hello Melody,
I just re-submitted my resume as an attachment, could you please verify that you received it? If not, possibly I can fax it to you if you would forward your fax number. Additionally, my fax number is 866-587-2831, Home number 251-861-4619.


I also sent my resume with no response??


Hi Frank,

I sent you an email.