Jobs in Asia

Hi All,

We are currently looking for [B]certified DPOs[/B], [B]marine electricians[/B], [B]subsea pipeline designers[/B],[B] structural designers[/B] and [B]piping designers [/B]to work on offshore engineering vessels in the Bohai Sea in China.

If you would like more information or a job description for any of these positions, please contact me at


Melody Chia

Hi! Melody,
Could you send more informations about the company/ salary and Job schedule, I am a brazilian Unlimited Master and now I am working as DP instructor,
I will appreciatte,
Wagner Rangel

I would also appreciate more info. I also sent you my info and have not recieved any reply. I have been DPO since 2002 and sailing dive/construction vessels. I would love to work in Asia again! Please tell me more!


 I have not heard from you and Ho for a while so I thought I would update you regarding my new salary requirements as the scope and tonnage of my license. The last quote I gave you was $143,000.00 USD per year. I have now increased that to $200,000.00 per year working in the same capacity as we discussed earlier this year.

 Thanks so much for your time, Captain Steve Foster.