Jane Bartnett, longtime SUNY Maritime Communication Director fired

Jane Bartnett, the longtime Communication Director at SUNY Maritime was fired last Tuesday.

If you’re an alumnus, everything you’ve received from Maritime, over many years was written by Ms. Bartnett.

She was also the person responsible for getting so many faculty quoted in the news, or interviewed on TV news, as experts on maritime stuff. The faculty really liked her. She was a genuinely nice person who tried to help everybody.

While she was here, Maritime got lots of press coverage. Before she was here, we got nothing. We’re assuming that things will go back to that - no press coverage. The rest of the people who work in her department are just idiots, so Ms. Bartnett was always the go to person.

It’s assumed that this was the work of the new, interim, president, Michael Cappeto, who starts 11/4. We cannot figure out why. Ms. Bartnett worked at the school long before the fired president, Carpenter, came in and Ms. Bartnett’s duties had nothing to do with campus politics.

We’ve heard that SUNY headquarters thought so much of Ms. Bartnett’s abilities that, when they heard she was fired, offered her a new job in HQ. We’re not sure, but hope it’s true, since we all like her and respect her work.

Well hopefully she gets a job with SUNY headquarters. It seems weird that she would be actually fired rather then asked to quit or something. Are you sure she’s not just leaving for the other position.

Yes. A number of people here spoke to her after it happened. She got canned.

Wow, this is bad news and a major loss to the school. Rich is correct on everything he says above PLUS Jane was a BIG supporter of gCaptain and helped us out at every turn. She will be missed.