James Hennessey RIP

Today I received word that Jimmy Hennessey passed away. I believe he was the brother of William Hennessey of Local 333 infamy.

He was an old time NY harbor tug skipper.

I can’t say it was a pleasure working with him. I will say that he was a piece of work.


Did he work for Willy Wittich at Seawolf?

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A little anecdote, he was always drunk. Willy would not let him out of the yard, so he was relegated to shifting scows.

Eventually he got really good at it.

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I know exactly who you mean. I spent a winter sailing on Willys boats in NY and LI Sound, mostly Sea Lion. Your description is accurate. . . and he was a good boat handler. Watching him shift scows at Claremont was impressive. Many stories about Jimmy, and many memories.