Italian shipowner fined in FL

Italian company CARBOFIN has declared guilty and agreed to pay a 2,75 Ml. dollars fine for allegedly discharge of oil sludge in the waters of Tampa FL port.
Officers on watch are under prosecution.
Their ship, MARIGOLA, LNG carrier, was on spot on 16 April 2014.
News released, as prosecution cleared (apparently), by italian newspapers - La Repubblica, 16/12/2014-
Nice to see those cases covered.
Regards, Jurgen

It’s amazing people try to get away with this

[QUOTE=Mikey;150072]It’s amazing people try to get away with this[/QUOTE]

Sorry, I haven’t noticed it, so shame on me.
As a feeble excuse: it was a first note on an italian news, as I know,
I’ll put ashes on my head…
Regards, Jurgen.