Is the SUNY Maritime Master's program regimented like it is for freshman pursuing a Bachelor's?

Is the International Transportation Management Master’s program at SUNY Maritime regimented if you’re pursuing the 3rd mate’s license? Or is it more of a traditional school approach?

Update: Found the answer.

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Straight Master’s with no license is not regimented. If you want the license, it is a regimented program.

Every program that results in USCG license must be regimental by law. At SUNY you will have to be a regimental student. You will have to participate in Indoctrination (mini boot camp) and wear the proper uniform while you are here.

Other than that Grad License students do not have to participate in most regimental activities and are permitted to live off campus.

The Master’s program is very solid, it is more meant to give shoreside folks a look into the shipboard processes but it is also valuable for mariners as well. No regimental nonsense unless you’re doing the 3rd Mate licensing program. There is no option for 3 A/E. The minimum amount of credits is 40, but there are some good options for Supply Chain Management certifications and/or Brokerage certs.

It is 31 credits for Maritime/Naval studies or 34 Credits for International Transportation Management. The license is an extra 62 credits. Prepare to do 2.5 yers full time with two 90 day sea terms if you want to get a license.

That’s right, it’s 34! Sorry, the 40+ was for the other certifications. The ITM program is pretty solid though. You can do the entire 34 credits online, or come in to do the certification programs.

As a license grad student, you are a day student and permitted to live off campus. You must:
-Be a member of the regiment of cadets
-Participate in indoctrination
-Attend morning formations 2x a week
-Attend regimental activities
-wear a uniform when on campus between 0700 and 1600.
-Perform extra duty if you are awarded demerits.

  • complete 3 Summer Sea Terms or (2 if you cadet ship for your 2nd class SST).