Is it possible to take classes while out to sea?

I’m in sort of a complicated situation and just wanted to know if this was possible at all. Thanks.

we don’t know what the hell you are talking about? internet courses, correspondence, lectures beamed to your ship from aliens in space?

you’re question is much too broad to even begin to be answered…specifics are required for your question to even be considered!

It is possible to take many classes out at sea. The question is can you take particular classes and you would need to tell us those.

I have done it successfully. Its a real sonuvabitch.

You can! I just took a class at sea. It was a great class.

My apologies. Was talking about university classes. I found out that it’s really not possible. Have been trying to decide between a GS/air guard gig and a career with MSC. My major is in “Maritime and Supply Chain Management” and I’m already half way through so chances are I’ll wind up in the maritime community one way or another. Starting to think the GS/air guard gig is the wiser option for now though because I want to finish my degree and sooner or later I know I’ll want to start a fam…