Is a bulkhead with a big window possible?

Hi everybody, first of all sorry because I am new and I don´t know how it works at all.
I`m carrying out the remodelation of a fishing boat into an educational one in which people could be trained as naval engineers so I would want to know how possible is to create a window on the blukhead which separates the engine room from another compartment in order to set a control room there to study the engine while you are looking at it.
I know the rebuild of this bulkhead needs an important study of resistance and sealing but I don´t know if it is really plausible and if someone has already done something similar.
Thanks in advance!!

The builders of just about every ship and large yacht ever built have done this for their engine control room. Look up the IACS rules for guidance or go to a naval architect for information.

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true, a window in a strategic location for outside view. I spent most of my time roaming and not a lot in the control room. now it’s all on tv !!

Thanks for the asnwers!!