Iran is reportedly jamming ship GPS navigation systems to get them to wander into Iranian waters - Business Insider

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Here is the MSCI advisory from MARAD

As soon as our drone was shot down in International Air Space, my reaction was to take out the missile battery immediately. When the British flagged vessel was basically kidnapped from International Waters, my reaction was having the US military fit about a dozen Palanx CIWS popup guns on a mock tanker and just troll through the straight and swiss cheese a few unsuspecting gun boats outside of their jurisdiction.
However, despite my inclinations, none would have been as damaging as compared to what the Iranians have managed to accomplish all on their own. Not only are they exposing themselves as untrustworthy actors in the region as the US has been claiming, more partners to the JPOA are now beginning to question why they were in a deal with such a regime. Even the past monitoring aspect of the deal is being questioned. Would it even catch a violation from a truelly determined and malicious actor? Most likely not, since monitoring was exclusively center around declared stock of enriched uranium and not surprise inspections at military installations. Thanks Iran…continue to make the point for the world to witness.


Well said. From what I understand this is learned behavior
from our old adversaries, the Rooskies.