Interesting weather near Florida

Updated 5/19/09
A complex area of low pressure continues from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas and is causing significant rains across Florida along with strong to gale force winds from the Carolina coast southward to the northeastern coast of Florida and also over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. This system is forecast to move west-northwestward into the Gulf of Mexico during the next couple of days.

Current Surface Chart

Forecast Charts

Ocean Weather Services

There is a good resource for monitoring several hurricane-related blogs, NOAA announcements, and discussion in the FriendFeed Hurricane room. It aggregates several good sources into one place and discuss them as well.

Not that this isn’t a good place to do that as well, just a FYI for a free service doing something different.


As it stands now, it does not look like this one will develop into a tropical storm. The Hurricane center is only giving it a 30% (at best) to develop into a tropical system during the next 48 hours.