Interesting, not good, newspaper story about Staten island ferry

Very negative story about the safety of the Staten Island ferry in the paper yesterday. From the NY Post

"The eight Staten Island Ferry boats that carry 60 million people every year are ill-designed, poorly maintained safety hazards, a ferry captain has revealed.

“I don’t understand how the Coast Guard allows these boats to go out sometimes,” the skipper told The Post in an interview. “They really do put people at risk.“If this were a private company, the Coast Guard would be all over them.”
The captain — who requested anonymity because he fears being fired for going public over safety concerns — said the ferries are plagued by poorly performing batteries, or phase cells.
They often fail, resulting in the shutdown of one or more of the four “drives” that are linked to propellers, making it at times impossible to slow, or even stop, the boat."

There’s more in the linked story