Information, Misinformation, Disinformation

Only listen to FM, unless there is a local sports game or talk about sports. But that is gone for now. ESPN is running out of stuff to talk about since this virus mess.

It is even more scary than you think.


This is indeed unbelievable that people can be manipulated so easily. But on the other hand we are still wondering how an entire not so stupid German nation was manipulated by a little moustached shouting man. This movement is really undermining democracy in the US, hitting it in the core. The question is how you get rid of this phenomenon, not while Trump is in power.

I must say that is an eye opener for me and suddenly a lot of things fell into place which were until now unexplainable. And a drug addict to boot…

I thought it was Flavor Aid.

Before talk radio and cable news:
Younger Americans will have trouble believing this, but there once was this guy named Walter Cronkite who would read the news on television every week night. He didn’t seem to have an agenda, or try to make anybody look bad, or good. He didn’t interview smarmy opinionated talking heads; he just read the news, matter of factly. We would all just make up our own minds about what we thought. At the end of the broadcast, he would just sign off and shut up. I’m not making this up.


it is very believable. We have a political industry based on that phenomenon.

It should be no surprise to anyone that America is duplicating the slide into fascism and ultimately to a downfall in precisely the same manner that lead to the rise of 1930s European dictators.

I’ll offer this article from Yahoo. Trump’s Town Meeting in the Lincoln Memorial. (Fox News sponsored it)

The responses to this article are incredible.

Trump Offers Lie After Lie Under Lincoln’s Unblinking Gaze

This is just one reply by a JWJ to the article. One of several that are just as good.

Right wing media blankets the USA from coast to coast

promoting a Republican corporate political agenda that

persuades viewers to vote against their own interests.
Namely, they promote trickle down economics, cutting taxes,

transferring wealth to the corporate elite with runaway

Consequently, Republican economic policy triggered 10 out of

the last 11 recessions.

Massive investments in a right wing media ecosystem, going

from Fox, the NY Post, Sinclair, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, to

the craziest crackpot talk radio, like Rush Limbaugh, all have

a singular network where the producers link to each other.
The intentionally misinformed viewers are locked into a

propaganda feedback loop.
The 24/7 Republican infomercials disguised as news produce

fact resistant humans, pushing hate and fear to outrage &

motivate the viewers with the goal to get them off the sofa to

stand in line at the polls on election day.
They vote out of fear & hatred of their perceived enemies, the

“evil, anti American Democrats.”

The lies parading as truth can spark radicalization, hatred,

bigotry and widespread distrust that can lead to harmful

public sentiments or even violence.
The 50 extremist related murders in 2018 were overwhelmingly

linked to the right wing, making it the fourth deadliest year

on record since 1970.
Data analysis show that far right violence has been on the

rise since Donald Trump entered the White House.

Studies show that FOX audience are consistently the most ill

informed viewers of all major media dwelling in an alternate

reality of fake news and right wing conspiracy theories.
Fake news is real and real news is fake.

Recall if you will, by 2016 right wing media had convinced

enough voters that Obama had the USA on the threshold of

desolation, even though the USA had just experienced 89

straight months of economic growth, a historic high of 80

months consecutive jobs growth, the Obama Stock Market ranks

3rd in American history, rising a whopping 235%.
Unemployment had dropped from 10.6% down to 4.6%,

manufacturing & exports achieved all time highs, crime rate

was down, deportations of illegal immigrants up, longevity &

graduations were never higher, gas prices lowest in 10 years.
Obama accomplished all this while engineering a comeback from

the Great Recession & cutting deficit spending by 68% while

winding down two budget busting, deadly GW Bush wars.

Yet in 2016, the right wing eco-chamber was telling viewers

that America was facing its darkest moment, on the brink of

disaster with viewers convinced that Obama, Hillary and all

Democrats are out to ruin the USA.

Many hard right wing media consumers known as “Tea Party”

conservatives believe Obama is a gay, border hopping illegal

alien, a terrorist loving Muslim sympathizer, overseeing

“false flag” mass murders in our schools so he can abolish the

2nd amendment & declare Sharia law! The mind boggles.

Now these brainwashed ‘FOX cultists’ have rented their brains

to a charlatan conman, Donald Trump.
The proudly deplorable, misinformed Trump supporters wear

their ignorance as a badge of honor.
One-third of the US nation somehow look at Trump, a shallow,

unethical, inept, compulsive, childish, con man approvingly.

They actually like him. They’re somehow convinced he is a

genius, a faithful, honest, good Christian man that cares

about the average American.

On the world stage, with his boundless ignorance, greed &

gullibility, the blowhard Trump is a sitting duck for slick

manipulators and experienced flatterers who can steer him in

any given direction.
Recall Helsinki and his pathetically weak, bashful deference

to Vladimir Putin or his brainless ‘love affair’ with Kim Jong


If the US survives this immoral pack of right wing media

propagandists, the country will definitely need something like

the Germans with the “de-Nazi-fication." In the 1940s the

Germans were schooled to understand their terrible mistake.
The same will be necessary with the Trump addicts. They will

need to be “De-Foxed. Blockquote

I liked Walter. His honesty did change things. Not many of those guys left, if any. No spin, just facts.

Me too. He reported what was happening in the world in 30 minutes. The only time I remember him going off script was when he finally had enough of the Vietnam War BS the politicians were feeding the public and when man landed on the moon for the first time. He kinda reflected how a lot of us felt both those times but otherwise never felt the need to editorialize. Ted Turner came along with cable news 24 hours a day and that was the beginning of the end. It was soon no longer about conveying news but about getting ratings to rake in the advertising dollars. They figured out years later that if you keep people pissed off they keep tuning in and the ratings/money flowed in. Now there’s the internet. It’s all just click bait now whether TV or internet. The curious do their own research but most find an echo chamber that suits them and look no further. The politicians love it as it keeps people distracted and divided while they pick their pockets.


I get that loud and clear. I do miss that kind of reporting. His war reporting had an effect, no spin.

The only one who resembles old school journalists these days is CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, always on the level, balanced, non hysterical and well founded opinions. That is hard to find these days with all those breaking news cowboys on the air.

He owned a sailboat and spent a lot of time on the water when he retired. I was in a harbor restaurant in Maine with my owners and he happened to be there with a group of other sailors at a large table. Just as he appeared on TV, he seemed like a genuine and affable man. It was obious the group at his table enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed theirs as he held court.

Thanks for sharing.

Are you going to tell Sumiteru Taniguchi, who was riding a bicycle in Nagasaki when it was bombed, that he is a fool or a liar?

There are specialists who may be able to do something for you, but perhaps not.

Dbeierl—do not bother or engage. He’s a long time troll, doesn’t believe in space travel, the World Trde Center/9-11 and so on and so forth, here’s a snippet that will sound familiar from another Internet forum:

“?? I talk to a 1923 Nobel Prize winner physics 1964 about my future and he recommended engineering sciences for me! Later I found out he was asked to build a fake a-bomb … and he declined. I met in Japan 1973 Japanese from Hiroshima/Japan that suggest no a-bombs hit their towns 1945. I met EM whose father EM assisted Stalin 1947-1958 to build a fake USSR atomic bomb that exploded 1959, etc, etc. EM and I watched 2001 together on TV the WTC destructions at NY. EM at once the footage was fake.
I think it is unique and original info.“

Not fake bombs

My polite suggestion–don’t. By going to his website we just feed his pathology. JB, I suggest editing your post to dropping to the link.

I’ve flagged H’s posts. Hopefully the moderator will drop them. IMHO if we engage this person we feed his pathology.

That was part of the quoted post vice my own comment, but you’re right, it is best to remove all trace of that nonsense and I have edited it out.

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