India Blows Pirate Ship Out Of The Water

Lets hope they keep this up and other countries follow suit.

Found this article on CNN about the pirates.

Ah, that shows up as an article about the automakers wasting money flying their private jets around.

My mistake, although they might as well be pirates too. Here’s the correct link.

Mm true

Just a few quotes after the skirmish…
In its clash with the pirate vessel, the Tabar’s crew hailed the ship and demanded it stop for inspection, and the pirates threatened to destroy the Indian ship.
<strong>Capt. Pottengal Mukundan, of the International Maritime Bureau, in London said: “The pirates have been operating with impunity in these waters, and it is time now, it is well overdue that we send a signal to the pirates that they cannot conduct these criminal operations without sanction.”</strong>
<strong>Indian naval spokesman Nirad Sinha said: “Given the condition we left it in, it would have sunk by now,” </strong>
Man you gotta love that attitude.

Check this link and pay attention to the referance about the Koran, It brings the saying “if we don’t remember history we are doomed to repeat it” to mind. Brazo Zulu to the Indians!

These are not pirates in the old sense of the word as they aren’t taking any ‘booty’ off the ships but just holding them for ransom.
Juilus Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and they asked a ransom for him ; when he heard the amount he was insulted and said the ransom they asked was much too low. Julius partied with the pirates for days while waiting for the increased ransom to be paid. He laughed with his captors as he was released and told them he would party again with them later.
Soon thereafter the pirates were all crucified.

I have never been attacked by Pirates but I guess It would look something like this…

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Who’s the pirates now? Looks like that ‘pirate ship’ was a Thai trawler

Yes but it was under control of pirates which makes it a pirate ship. In the old days the same rules applied, the British would attack any ship that was under pirate control, hostages or not.

I Remember the Thai Pirates that would attack Viet Namese boat people back in the 70’s, I even encountered some of victims at sea while I was in the Navy. We would say, what goes around comes around, the Thais would call in Karma.

Maybe they should take notes from France and just moon their victums:

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i wonder if they could be talked in to taking a cruise through the antarctic whale sanctuary to take care of some other pirates…