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Phuck pirates. They kill sailors.

The Somalis would eat that parrot.

[B][U]MSDF continues Somali patrols[/U][/B]


[B][U]Nigerian piracy makes waves[/U][/B]


[B][U]Southeast Asia Nations Create Shipping Corridor in Battle Against Piracy[/U][/B]


[B][U]IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery live Map and report 2016[/U][/B]



Indonesia Says Coal On Hold for Philippines After 7 Sailors Abducted


Around 26nm WSW of Mangkai Island
28.06.2016: 1945 UTC: Posn: 03:00N – 105:10E, Around 26nm WSW of Mangkai Island, Indonesia.
Ten pirates boarded a tanker and entered the bridge as the 2/Off was altering course. They held the 2/Off and the duty AB hostage at gun point and beat them. They then took the 2/Off to the Master’s cabin and took the Master and the other crew hostage as well. The pirates stole the GPS and Navtex equipment and removed the cabling from the remaining satellite communication equipment. Before escaping they stole cash and other personal effects from the crew and released the Master.
Type of Attack :


Location detail:
Balikpapan Anchorage
28.06.2016: 0050 LT: Posn: 01:28.0S – 116:48.0E, Balikpapan Anchorage, Indonesia.
Two unauthorised persons attempted to board an anchored tanker. Alert duty crew noticed the persons and informed the bridge officer. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the unauthorised persons aborted the boarding. All crew safe. Port control and Pertamina pilots informed.
Type of Attack :


Location detail:
Conakry Anchorage
03.07.2016: 0450 LT: Posn: 09:23.6N – 013:41.9W, Conakry Anchorage, Guinea.
Six robbers in a boat armed with machine guns and knives boarded an anchored heavy lift vessel. They attacked the duty O/S causing injuries and took the 2/O hostage. They opened fire to threaten the crew members and damaged the accommodation. Under gun threat, they robbed the crew members of their cash and personal belongings before escaping. Master tried to contact the port control, but received no response. The incident was reported to Port Authorities through the local agents. After an hour a security boat came to the location.
Type of Attack :


Location detail:
Callao Anchorage
26.06.2016: 0006 LT: Posn: 12:01S – 077:11W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.
Robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier and escaped with ship’s stores unnoticed. The theft was discovered by the duty crew during routine rounds at the forecastle. Incident was reported to the Port Authorities and Police through the local agents.
Type of Attack :


Location detail:
Around 89nm SW of Brass
07.07.2016: 0650 UTC: Posn: 03:16N - 005:09E, Around 89nm SW of Brass, Nigeria.
Armed pirates approached and fired upon a tanker underway. As the boat came alongside the vessel the alarm was raised and all crew retreated into the citadel from where they controlled the vessel. After around four hours the crew emerged from the citadel. Bridge windows were found shattered due to the firing. All crew members reported safe. The vessel continued her voyage to the port of destination.
(This incident has been amended after receiving further information.)

Type of Attack :
Fired Upon


Three Indonesians kidnapped in Malaysian waters, official confirms


“Three crew members carrying Indonesian passports were taken by the kidnappers. The remaining four, an Indonesian and three Filipinos were released because they did not have documents,”

There’s a tip worth knowing.

Looking at these,might it be beneficial to arm boats?

Twelve Pirates Convicted Over 2013 Attack on MSC Containership in Indian Ocean


Capesize bulk carrier ransacked by pirates in South China sea. Bulk Carrier fully loaded with low freeboard allowing access to main deck.