Increasing evidence of maritime manpower shortages emerging

In the last few weeks a considerable number of reports, opinions and articles have been found on the internet which adds evidence that the emerging shortage of qualified maritime manpower. Links to these are at:<br><br><A href="]</A><br><br><A href="]</A><br><br><A href="]</A><br><br>Of course, everyone of us who has been in this industry for more than a decade has our own opinions as why this has come about and there are plenty of targets to level our sights at. The flip side of the coin is that those of us who have kept plugging along through the bad old days might get to reap some rewards for our unwillingness to just walk away from the whole damn thing. <br><br>I’ll post more links on this subject as I find them.<br><br>cheers

Great NPR link

Lets enjoy the good times while they last. Unfortunately, OMSA and others will soon have the laws changed so that foreign licenses will be acceptable for mates. Thus cutting payroll and heaping more on the masters.