Imagery of strong extratropical cyclone towards SE Alaska

Weather turned nasty in the GOA a few weeks early this year. Mid September instead of early October. Usual rule of thumb: all “non-combatants” leave by October 1st, and don’t come back until May.


Are all of your "family’ safely tucked away behind an island or at home?



Im starting to no longer regret turning down a job on a cruise ship up there.

Cruise ship season in Alaska runs from late April to the end of October. The bulk sailings are from May to mid September.

Sea height in meters.

Mindulle is seen east of Japan w/ 13 meter seas.

One great gauge for how bad the weather is in the GOA in fall/winter is Seattle weather. In those seasons, if you get cloudless skies day over day and cool weather in Seattle–in other words, a solid high–it means the GOA is getting shellacked.