Illegal Fuel transaction in Singapore (again)

It happens again:

It doesn’t say the nationality of the 10 men, nor if the fuel originated from Singapore (siphoned off from tug’s own bunker fuel), or smuggled in from Indonesia/Malaysia.

Once the autorities woke up only a couple of years ago ( via AIS) they found out there were privately owned tugs in Singapore that never go on hire yet are always along side ships…like DOH
Makes you wonder…

From the article it was the foreign tug selling fuel to a Singaporean tug.
The tugs and nationality of the arrested crews are not stated, nor are the name and owners of the two tugs involved. (The red funnel with black top MAY be an indication for the foreign tug)

Yes it does.
It makes me wonder how much you know and understand about the illegal fuel business in Singapore/Indonesia/Malaysia (??)

In the previous crackdown when IRAS/investgation people finally looked at the ais data ( I bet the mpa has historical as well) the tugs were singapore owned, the flags would be irelevant I would think?
If the flag was indo then it needs to be 51% indo owned, the other flags anybodies I would guess?

What makes me wonder is it has been a huge business for years most likely headquarted in Singapore and nothing was done till recently.
Run by the ruling elite is it?
We would love to read about your insights from many years here.