If you had to do it over

Nothing earth shattering, but if you had a chance to start your career over, would you do anything different?

For me, I think I may have tried to go deep sea before I got married. I have loved my time on the Lakes and, overall, enjoyed my six years in the Gulf but I think a few years deep sea would have been interesting. Oh, well…can’t go back and I am fortunate to have a good job with a solid boat and great crew.

I’d be a grumpy cantankerous ass engineer!


I would have started earlier … when stick ships were king and sailing still offered adventure.

By the way, engineers as seen as grumpy because we see the bottom line long before most people even see an issue.


Academy. I still would have had to take the same tests but at least I coulda been drunk the whole time slayin college tail.


I’ve made so many bad calls job wise. Lack of patience and such…
In a nutshell…I would have gone to an academy. Being a hawsepiper has been rough.
I wish I would have sailed deep sea for a while, for the experience…then concentrated exclusively with tugboats.
I’ve bounced around a bit, have gained a lot of varied experience, have deck and engine credentials…however I could have been way more efficient, smarter with my decisions and be in a much better place career and lifestyle wise if I didn’t have my head up my arse when I was younger.


I should have got a captains license when I was the captain on commercial fishing boats.

I would have to reconsider the getting married part.

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If I could do it over I would like to be a physician that would specialize in either orthopedic or cardiology surgery.

I would have invested in a Law degree. If I would have stayed single and not got married I would
have worked on large salvage tugs.

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Nothing, No regrets!

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I would not have done it at all.

But if I did I would have gone to an academy and been 3rd mate 4 lyf.

I have done deep sea for 46 years ( including academy and some time in the office and in shipyards ). I do not regret anything. I am still married to the wife of my choosing, we have two daughters and three grandkids. It was difficult at times but that’s life anyhow. I fear that we will never have those gorgeous times back when we helped and trusted each other.

Nah. Good choices and bad, I don’t think that I would do it any differently. Even the coming ashore bit. . . I could speculate about the jobs I turned down once I got married (now divorced), but it has been one hell of a ride so far. . . and I don’t see the end yet, either. . .

I would have just gone and sliced open my jugular vein 40 years ago

would have made all this misery much quicker and more painless

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MOTHA Fu$cka you need Jesus

You would have then denied us the pleasure of your company here on the Forum, C.captain.

“for better or worse, you’re the boss of this hearse, as soon as she puts to sea”

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Since I recently got laid off, I’ve been considering going back to school to do something in the medical field

I very much enjoyed my job as a chief mate on trampers. At noon the captain, chief engineer and I always had a drink before lunch. I was still in my twenties and was slated to become a deep sea captain around my early 30s. However, during our “happy hour” I heard the other two (older) gentlemen mainly talk about in how many years, months, weeks and days they could retire. This did not appeal to me, so I quit sailing; went back to college to get a degree in finance and got a good job with a major oil company.

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please spare us…I thought this was a forum for working mariners

and wtf is this “kap1te1n” nonsense anyway?

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and Eff Ewe Two

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