USCG to buy Aiviq?

Icebreaker Otso in action

This year’s icebreaking season in Finnish waters are over for this winter:

Now for some much needed R&M for the ships and R&R for the crews,

Icebreaking cruise ship LE DUMONT D’URVILLE is back in Ålesund for an overnight visit:

No she is not heading to the North Pole, at least yet. Just an ordinary Fjord Cruise this time.

Ice-strengthened to the lowest Finnish-Swedish ice class (1C), so not quite icebreaking.

Sorry!! It was this one that went to the North Pole:

She is off to the North Pole again, leaving Longyearbyen 08. July, 2022:

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If you feel the urge to go to the North Pole in style and comfort, now is the time:

What is holding you back? (Except your wallet maybe?)

Ponant’s ‘Commandant Charcot’ was at the North Pole on July 13, 2022.
the passengers were out on the ice, where they aligned to ‘write’ their position ‘90 N’.


What do you do when your supply of spares dries up? You start dismantling your older fleet for parts!

Oh, and USCGC Healy has reached the North Pole unaccompanied for the second time.

Baltiysky Zavod commences sea trials of nuclear-powered icebreaker Ural of Project 22220:

The Canadian Coast Guard gets its third interim medium icebreaker:



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Russia dominating Naval power in the Arctic with at least 53 icebreakers in its fleet, China and the United States have two icebreakers apiece. – International Defense Security & Technology (

“Today Russia has…” (rolls a die, gets 2) “…damnit…” (rolls again, gets 3) “…fifty…” (rolls one more time, die rolls off the table) “…three icebreakers!”

How Russia’s Icebreakers Came To Dominate The Frozen Seas (

These are Russia’s new icebreakers | The Independent Barents Observer (

(191) Russia’s $1 Billion World’s Biggest Icebreaker - YouTube

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Forber article has more background while USNI News article confirms that Bollinger is going to buy VT Halter and oversee the construction of USCG PSC’s:

The “Ural”. Photo: Baltic Yard

Text: Catarina Stewen & Tuomas Romu