ICCS To Hold Maritime Internet Investigation Course

Due to popular demand for the first year ICC Commercial Crime Services is repeating its Internet Intelligence course in September. The three-day course at Cambridge University entitled; “How to Use the Internet as an Effective Investigative Research Tool" is held in state of the art computer facilities at Cambridge University and provides delegates with:

[li]An overview of the Internet and how it works
[/li][li]The ability to use the Internet in a more effective way as an open source/competitive intelligence tool.
[/li][li]Advanced techniques to mine data using different search tools and uncover hidden information.
[/li][li]Strategies for filtering, analysing and organising research data.
[/li][li]An awareness of security and privacy issues including techniques to both hide and increase visibilities of sites.

The course will run from 27th – 30th September. To learn more about the course, the programme materials, certificate and to download the course brochure please visit THIS LINK or contact Max Vetter on mvetter@icc-ccs.org.