I went into the Federal Building in Long Beach and showed the my TWIC card

They asked to see my drivers license. Swear to God!: :smiley: and :mad:

Just like we have all suspected, the thing is worthless…

My case was different. TWIC was enough for an ID.

I’m down the way from you and have gone into the federal building in Santa Ana many times and I always first show my TWIC and 9 out of 10 times they ask for a drivers license, then before I show them my drivers license I ask them to turn it over and look at the back of it… “this credential is issued under authority of the US government…”

heck first time i showed it at the heliport to go offshore they gave me a dirty look, isnt hthat what it is supposed to be for?

Federal building in Oakland was the same way. I don’t even bother with the airport anymore.

Airport is whole different animal…they don’ buy TWIC card…

I have used it at the airport to the id checkers. They never know what it is so I make them get a supervisor. They grudgingly accept it then.

The port of Galveston still requires a drivers license. This is at the main entrances every time I enter the place.

I’ve used it several times at the airport screening and never had a problem. Maybe half a dozen times or so. Different story at the airline counter. I was more curious than anything. I don’t like pulling out the document that puts food on the kitchen table for every instance I need ID (more opportunity to lose the damn thing), but curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.

I have used mine at Orlando International many times, when I flew out in April I gave it, he asked if I had any other form of ID. Nope, just that. He stared at it for a while, then asked if I had a credit card with my name on it. I gave that to him. But, in the course of all this I told him that card is issued by the same place that his paycheck comes from. Time pending, I will only show that and if need be, have supervisor after supervisor come until it is accepted. This is insane that we had to get this card and yet it is not an accepted form of ID because on lack of communication within the organization that issued the card. I will find out this Tuesday again…

I have used TWIC as ID many times at the airport especially, and I have never been questioned. Maybe I just have an honest face!

[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;35491]I have used TWIC as ID many times at the airport especially, and I have never been questioned. Maybe I just have an honest face![/QUOTE] Maybe it was the ear ring in the right ear.

I had a crewmember show his TWIC at the guard shack at the AB Dock in Cameron on crewchange day a while back and the guard told him (AND I FUCKING QUOTE) “I dont know what that thing is. If you want to get in here you will have to show me a drivers license!”