I need help

I need some questions answered. I passed my pre-employment screening and now ready to go aboard.
I have been offered three ships, one in Alaska and two in Washington or I could go to the relief pool. I don’t know which to pick. I really have no desire for the West Coast though.

What should I pack in my sea bag? What type of cell phone should I get?

Any guidance wil be greatly appreciated.


in alaska you will need a cell phone that work up there, even though in hte U.S t-mobile does not roam neither does sprint, any roaming in alaska is very expensive, check your company before you go, alaska is a little cold for me year round, i have only been there in the summer but is was cold, not sure about washington but the photos i have seen are beautiful

Alaska is unlike anywhere else in the good old USofA. It is one rugged and unforgiving location but on the flip side the beautiful of the place is unreal.

If you head up to AK make sure you pick up a pair of these guys - xtratufboots.com. You will need them. Oh, and don’t forget a warm hat. you will need that too.

I am not going to Alaska.

[QUOTE=jakeman;39720]I am not going to Alaska.[/QUOTE]

Ships aren’t static, if you get on one there is no telling where it my take you…prepare for everything…expect anything.