I just upgraded from DDE 1000 to DDE 4000

I just upgrade from DDE 1000 to DDE 4000. Here’s how it went:

To upgrade the licence I just had to submit a drug test and sea time. I did not have to take any new tests. I also submitted a physical to renew my MMD. When I submitted my sea time, I only sent in my latest sea time letter with 480 days on it. I assumed that they could figure out that I already had at least 360 days from my DDE 1000, but not so. They sent me a letter saying that I needed to submit more information and that they would pull my federal record to check for previous sea time. I emailed them my previous sea time letter, and they printed my MMD the next day.

When I got my MMD back it had improved a lot my ratings. My STCW95 ratings went from “III/1” to “III/1; III/4; III/5.” I got “Able Seafarer - Engine” and RFPEW. A very interesting change is that my OICEW no longer is limited by tonnage or near coast waters. My limitations only read “Not valid in ships in which steam boilers or gas turbines form part of the propulsion system. Valid on ships of not more than 4,000 Horsepower (3,000 kW).” My QMED ratings upgraded to “Any Unlic Engine Rtg”

Hope this info helps any of you guys looking to upgrade in the near future.

Are You working has a engineer on OSV ? Just took my test for DDE 4000 hp. Passed it just waiting to get it in the mail… Just concern about it because it says DDE 4000hp (3000 kw). Not sure why it doesn’t read 3000itc…

3000kw is 4000hp. Many many ships use metric measurements.

I think a DDE is only good for 500 tons.

[QUOTE=T-bobo;129573]I think a DDE is only good for 500 tons.[/QUOTE]

Correct, see 46 CFR 15.915(a).

You need to apply for engineer OSV 3000 ITC any horsepower. No additional exam, but it will cost you another evaluation fee since you didn’t
Include it on the original. Otherwise you can’t sail as an engineer on a vessel over 500 tons, legally…
Although I know plenty of guys at my former company who are sailing chief on a 1600 ton boat with a 500 ton license. Not sure how…

DDE = 500 tons max

I’m renewing now DDE any HP, adding OSV… I do have Assistant limited also, 5000 HP, 3000 ITC

500 tons covers ALOT of vessels. The hot ticket now is the OSV 6000 Itc.

I have a chief limited oceans any HP with the 6000 itc endorsement, I got my 6000 in '98 when all I needed was a letter from the company stating why I needed it. Now, you have to go through an assessment program, you will have to work on an over 3000 itc vessel with an USCG approved assessor, 56 days as a training engineer and then 28 days or more being signed off. It is a minimum of 84 days. I got my assessor approval letter a few years ago and am signing off engineers on the new class of vessels for the company,

Why do they put tonnage limits on engine ratings. I never understood that.

I don’t know, years ago when I upgraded my DDE unlimited to chief limited oceans, it was 1 year sea time and a second motor plants test to get my unlimited 2nd assistant, I really have no desire to go unlimited, I have no desire to work on tankers or cargo ships, I am perfectly happy being chief on large AHTS’s and PSV’s working a rotation and getting paid a healthy wage.

to each their own. I enjoy sailing unlimited Cheng. I also take pride in knowing I can sail any ship. I just don’t see any difference In tonnage VS horsepower when it comes tho the engine room.

Seems best to get the highest license you can, then sail to your choice.
Never hurts to have options even if you enjoy the job at hand.
My 2 cents worth, although the advice is probably worth a lot less than that.