Hurricane laura

Marco is expected to dissipate.

Marco has been devoid of any significant convection for at least
12 hours, and ASCAT scatterometer surface wind data around 0239Z
suggested that Marco might have degenerated in a north-to-south
elongated trough.

The barometer dropped quite a bit rather quickly on Laura once it entered the warmer waters… Not liking that at all. Unlike Marco, this one is getting nastier, ground is already saturated . Concerned for our mariner friends in GOM and Texas/Louisiana coast.

I’ve observed the gas lines the last 2 days and this is the first time I’ve seen the prices drop ahead of a storm.

I certainly hope that all the folks in and around the Sabine Pass, Port Arthur, Neches, Orange and Beaumont area have or are getting the hell out of there. This one might create a massive debris pile after it comes ashore.

I don’t recall NHC using the term “Unsurvivable” before in their forecasts. Barometer reading as you know has dropped another big bounce since this morning. Fingers are crossed people get the heck out of the impact area. Would like to think even our hard core Outer Bankers would take notice if one like that was coming their way. I’m sure the Texans and Louisiana people have some stubborn ones too. Ain’t gonna be pretty for sure.

“Unsurvivable” may be from a lesson learned by hurricane Katrina in NO and Ike’s 20 ft surge which took everyone by surprise and devastated Galveston Bay and Crystal Beach in 2008 where nearly 200 people lost their lives. I had a boat in the the Houston ship channel turning basin that ended up sitting halfway up on the pier after the water subsided.

Unsurvivable caught my eye on the forecast as well.

Does not look good for Cameron/Sabine coastal areas…I hope they all evacuated.

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More significant pressure drop.


And the NW track is directly towards Galveston/Houston. Hasn’t veered more northerly yet.

Skip to 3:30 for info about the surge.

from Levi Cowan@TropicalTidbits

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Gas prices here on the East Coast jumped 14 cents a gallon overnight. One of my pals is at the dock 225 miles up the river. Ain’t moving for a while. Good for him.

Tornado watch to boot for Lafourche parish. One was spotted in Houma apparently.

It will be going up everywhere with the refining capacity cut back in the triangle and Lake Charles.

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t agree more. Logistics after this is gonna be an effing nightmare.

Cameron, LA is going to get blasted. I remember it fondly from the McCall’s Boat Rental days.

No Doubt.

Any word out of SW LA or the oil fields yet?

Heard on TV that the storm surge was about half of max forecast. That’s good news, worse case scenario avoided shore-side.

This is two hours ago:

Early reports indicate refineries in the Lake Charles area, including Citgo, were battered by the storm while operations in Houston were spared.

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A lot of shrimp boats got sunk.

I read an article about 15 0f 20 shrimpers sank tied off near Lake Charles. Looks pretty bad over that way.