Hurricane Bill


At 11:00AM EDT August 18th Hurricane Bill was becoming very well organized with a very large eye measuring some 35-40nm across and max sustained winds estimated at 90kts. Currently storm force winds (Force 10) or higher extend outward 45nm to the SW and 65nm to the NE of the center.

Forecasts suggest that Bill will gradually turn more northwestward during the next 48 hours with max winds increasing to 110 knots. Storm force winds (force 10) will spread outward 65nm SW and 90nm NE of the center.

Highest significant wave heights are likely nearing 30ft with a possible max wave to 55ft. Forecasts suggest the highest significant wave will increase to about 36ft with a max wave possible to over 65ft within the next 48 hours.

NOAA Track Forecast

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