Hurricane Bill Aug 19th Update

At 11:00AM EDT August 19th Hurricane Bill was continuing its WNW track, now with max winds of 115 knots. Hurricane force winds (Force 12) or more extend outward 70 NM to the northeast and 30 NM to the southwest. Storm force winds (force 10) or higher extend out 100 NM to the northeast and 60 NM to the southwest. Bill is now a very dangerous hurricane with the highest significant wave heights to over 35 ft with a possible MAX wave up to about 70ft.

Bill is expected to continue to intensify over the next 24hrs possibly reaching max winds of 125kts with significant waves up to about 40ft and a MAX wave to over 75ft possible. A gradual turn to the northwest then north is forecast thereafter along with some slow weakening.

Bowditch Chapter 36 has some good information on avoiding Tropical Cyclones. Section 3611 highlights how to maneuver to avoid the storm center in case you get too close.

Bowditch Chapter 36


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