How To transition from US Navy to the offshore industry

Good Morning,
I am currently in the Navy and will be out in about 30 days. I am currently a welder and am looking for employment in the off shore oil fields. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this field? What would be the best bet for finding a job? What is the life like? Would this be a good choice of a career to go into?
Thanks for any help.


I don’t know if it is a good choice or not, but a good welder offshore is always needed. Most all of the drilling companies are looking for one. I don’t know exactly what the pay is, but I suppose it is between 65-85K working an even time rotation. Most companies will either provide or subsidize travel. Good benefits and 401K’s are standard.

Here are two contractors that I know off the top of my head that have welders they send offshore.

Things are real slow offshore just as they are everywhere, but if we have another hurricane season like we did in `05 then you can write your own ticket.

Hi Joe,
If nothing is moving offshore, maybe you could bide your time at a shipyard. Sorry, only familiar with Seattle area:

Anyone else know of any GOM yards that actually have work?

I dont know who’s hiring, but these are all the ones i can think of. Most of the bigger ones have yards all the way from Louisiana to Alabama.

The big ones:
VT Halter
Master Boat Builders
Allied Ship Yard
The Chouest Ship Yards- But the only Americans I’ve ever seen are the foremen. The Mexicans would start lining up at the gate at 4am to interview.

Smaller ones:
Supreme Ship Yards
Rays Ship Yard
Island Ship Yard

Crewboat Builders:
Gulf Craft
Bay Craft
Breux Brothers
Swift Ships

Those are all I know off the top of my head.

There are literally hundreds of construction outfits from New Iberia to New Orleans that do this type of stuff.

I had recently read in the last Work Boat that yards were still hiring, but only those that are well qualified. I.E. not just any Mexican that can hold a torch. If you have a lot of experience welding with Aluminum then the better chance of finding work you have.

I know that Trinity Yachts in New Orleans is hiring and possibly their big yard in Gulfport, MS. They’re located on France Road in New Orleans…good luck mate!