How to get started in the maritime industry

Hi my name is “Paul”. I’m 20 years old and have decided to pursue a maritime career. I know that I have to get a MMD and A twic card. However I don’t know what other credentials I need. If it helps I hope to be a deckhand. I also need to know, after I get the required credentials, where to find work. If it helps I live in ft Lauderdale. Advice is greatly appreciated.

This topic has been addressed many many times. Please use the “search” function in the upper right corner.

I could keep doing this all day but to what end? The search button must disappear randomly like the thanks button does…

Search the forum and google. Also USCG and MNC (National Maritime Center) websites. I will admit it is hard to procure the necessary info sometimes, but it is all out there, buried in paragraphs. Get used to reading A LOT to pursue a maritime career. Peace.

Feel free to private message me and I will try to answer any questions you have. A lot of people on here have forgotten that they were once just starting out and didn’t know anything about it. They would rather ridicule and harass you then help.

who the hell is ridiculing or harassing anybody here?..SIR!

No one yet but I’m certain that it is coming.

Good luck Paul, the sky is the limit


Went through what you are going through now about a year ago! Takes time. I have sent in, talked to, recalled people, etc. the whole time… I just got my first bite and am waiting to hear about a position. Have patience and do not give up! I’m hoping my opportunity comes through, but if it doesn’t, I’ll keep at it. If you need help, feel free to message me buddy