How to get "Mate" sea time on a Harbor Assist Tug that only uses deckhands

In your opinion are you a mate that sometimes handles lines or a deckhand with a license?

You gonna tell us who and what are you work for ? This could possibly help us out , big company or mom and pop company

You want to look at #2 or “equivalent position” the apprentice mate steersman while holding 200 master will get you the required time. If your company will write the letter using the exact coast guard verbage.

After all what is a mate besides a glorified deckhand?

So if your company is willing to write the letter that way. And

1080 days of service on Ocean, Near Coastal or Great Lakes waters, OF WHICH

  1. Serviceoninlandwaters,otherthanGL,maysubstituteforupto540 days of the total required service., AND
  2. 720daysofserviceMUSThavebeenasamaster,mate,orequivalent position while holding an endorsement as master, mate, or operator of uninspected passenger vessels, AND

Fixed it for you…


Many drilling companies write seatime letters that allow 2nd engineers holding a 1st license to progress to Chief Engineer even though they have never worked as 1st. This is on going and proof the USCG does not do their due diligence. This practice is well known

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The company knows the regulations and if they agree that you have met the qualifications then how is it fraud? Further more, with the coast guards involvement in regulating the towing industry via sub chapter M I’m sure they have a watchiful eye on those attempting to up grade.

A deckhand with a license is not a mate so any company giving them mate sea time is committing fraud.