How can i get schengen visa?

Hello, my name is Parviz. I am from Azerbaijan. I am a Ab seaman. My question is that I want to work in European companies. I need a visa for this, but I do not have an invitation letter from any company. How should I do to get a visa?

If a company in the EU wants to hire you, they should arrange the visa

So get an invitation. Do it by finding out which companies might be hiring, focus on them and after you mail your resume, call their HR dept and find out where you stand. You will learn something from their response one way or another which you can use to your advantage as you progress. Some or many might not bother to respond at all but it’s all part of the process.

Are you looking for work on ships under any specific EU/EEA flag, or just any ship owned/operated by any European company?
Many EU countries operate two types of register; one may be restricted to EU/EEA citizens as crew and one that is open for crew of any nationality. (ALA meeting IMO STCW’10 qualification)

Many European Owners use Crewing Agents in Cyprus:
Or Ukraine:

Special Visa for Seamen are required when joining ship within Schengen area:

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Here is link to an online service that match available seafarers with owner/Managers looking for seafarers:
You may want to add your name to the list of available seafarers?

PS> They are also offering a lot of other services for the Shipping/Maritime industry:

There is also this: