How are the supermarkets holding out where people live?

I feel your pain.

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Tonight I went to the little store near my house for beer. They were out of the normal beer and only had that hippy IPA shit. The end is almost here shipmates! The beer is almost gone. (The next store I went to had beer but still…)


The hipsters that used to swear by IPAs like it was the nectar of the gods are the also the ones that made PBR just as expensive.

Seriously though…i’m sure there is lots more day and binge drinkin’ going on these days. Off topic sorta, now that the weather is warmer inflatable pools are the new ‘hard to get’ item


No worries here. Intellectuals made fun of us preppers for decades but they don’t have a bomb shelter/zombie proof cave filled with this. Who’s laughing now Suckers!!



As much as I hate it that IPA stuff it sells like a bastard, only Labbatts for me. Had someone stop saturday and drop off a bunch of samples trying to have us put it in the cooler.

I havent tried it yet.

I agree there was going to be a huge drop off in demand for paper especially the high end stuff, but the lower grade doesnt cost much to produce, they cut the supply price but jacked up the product price :joy:. I’ve got 2ld of hemlock to send this week and hopefully I dont get beaten to bad. I put the paperwork in for a newer slasher and a newer propac delimber a couple weeks ago, no rush now.

You nailed it. A week ago, I started receiving proposals from my family for an attractive deck to surround an above ground pool they decided we should get. Not going to happen.

I have a slightly used porta pool I bought for the mutt as a pup… Squeezed between #2 shed and the anti-immigration fence. Is it worth anything now?

Never fear. The next hipster beers are already here in retro form. Narraganset for the East Coast and Rainier for the West. Your PBR should return to manageable levels in due time as the trends shift.

Corona 12 packs are on sale here. Some people are afraid to buy them. What a mess for their unfounded hysteria and the media being knuckleheads creating same.

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This explains a few things. As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar. China pays a higher price for pork causing a shortage in the United States which drives domestic prices up. Win for corporations! Loose for Americans. :face_with_thermometer:

Boo! Shame on you, what about your poor family?

Local supermarket advertised boston butts 99 cents a pound. Was a day late. All gone. Did get some carrots and avacados, and loaf of wheat bread. Weird stuff going on.

Let’em get their own pool. :smirk:

Thats funny. One of the jobs before sailing was a 3 man crew building above ground pools. Had to race to the bank to get paid.


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;I’ve noticed not to shop on Monday. The shelves seem to empty over the weekend and don’t quite fill back up Blockquote

I was once between jobs and lucked into a Delivery Truck Drivers Job with Nabisco. (National Biscuit Company) I quickly leaned that Monday an Friday was our busiest day 13 to 15 hours on those days. Why ? Because the stores had been shopped and depleted over the week end. Monday we restocked them and Friday we stocked them up for the week end. Tuesday & Thursday were generally half days where we topped off the stores
thru the mid week. Wednesday was 8 to 10 hours where we went out into the country and rural area making the weekly delivery to these “little country general stores”, “front porch stores”, and the “micro super markets” (usually 60 x 80 ft floor area).

Monday mornings started early and we tried to supply the largest inner city stores first and then head out to the outskirts of town when workers were driving into the city. Then we stocked stores moving back toward the inner city…so that by 3:30 pm when workers were beginning to leave work and return home we were passing them coming back into the secondary inner city stores.

In my view, Thrusday evening or early Saturday Morning may be the better days.

I was at Walmart and Sam’s Club today. Walmart was about the same…depleted. But Sam’s…had about anything a person could want. In the meat dept there was signs of limit of one. But the cuts of meat and packages of ground beef were large enough to feed a family for several days…

Thx RC

Down here, just south of Houston, the stores are doing pretty well. It is hard to find Lysol spray, gloves, rubbing alcohol and alcohol prep pads. Oh, and hand sanitizer. . . but plenty of meat (although the amount one can buy is limited). When it comes to paper towels, plenty of those cheap off brands, but I did see some Viva last week.