How are the supermarkets holding out where people live?

Still can’t get dry macaroni or spaghetti here.
Everything else is back on the shelves.

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Voluntary distancing at some stores, mandatory at others.

Hit or miss for a lot of items at most stores…depends on when you go and if they are getting regular deliveries from their warehouses.

Pretty fortunate as I was well stocked up before the lockdown and haven’t had any problems so far.

Flour and water makes pasta, add eggs if you want to go first class. Energetic use of a rolling pin, roll the well dusted with flour result into a long roll and cut at 10 mm sections and you have fettuccine.
We are lucky we have OO flour, a pasta machine and an attachment for the food mixer that extrudes spaghetti, Ragatoni and two sizes of macaroni.

Nothing beats fresh pasta. Only problem were i am Flour, Rice and any grain are not to be found. They have also cleaned out the frozen vegetable isle it’s funny even the stuff people don’t normally use are gone

Same here a couple of weeks ago; the only stuff that was left was vegan or vegetarian which says a lot.

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In my local store broccoli has tripled in price in recent weeks.

We’ve got everything back in local to me in the PNW. Paper products are scarce on the shelf, but if you ask they’ll grab some out of the back.

One thing I’ve noticed between the last two visits is that they’re trying to do one way aisle traffic. There’s a directional arrow sticker at the entrance to each aisle on the floor. The problem is that the store is set up for customers to start on the right side of the store and work their way left, but the aisle arrows are one aisle off for that resulting in most people ignoring them.

Baking stuff is catching back up. Surprisingly, it was scarcely touched in the beginning. It took a couple of weeks before people started buying it. The specialty flours are still on the shelf, but plain ol’ flour is all gone. I also noticed that the gluten free stuff was wiped out as well. Meat, fish, eggs, etc are all back after an initial decline. They’ve removed the signs asking people to limit their purchases of some things to two items.

Today was my third shopping trip, spaced a week apart. Same day of the week, same time and it was noticeably more crowded in the store this week but nowhere near the levels before all this went down.

I’m about 20mins from the ski slopes in the Catskills and things are back to somewhat normal. Alot of people from NYC here quarantined, we own the local gas station / convenience store and it’s not abnormal to see someone in a tyvek suit wearing a 3M full respirator get out of a vehicle and load a truck with grocerys. No fresh stuff here, snowed like a bastard here the last couple days, not enough to ride but not fun.

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If there’s anybody perfectly suited to ride out the hassles of being self isolated & low on groceries it’s current & former tugboaters. Especially the offshore tug guys. My wife was complaining about being cooped up in a 2500+ sq ft house with the kids & the first thing that came to my mind was working on tugs & ATB’s. I guess my last tug/ATB had less than 1,500 sq ft living space for 8 crewmembers, no TV room, just a TV in the galley where everyone hanged out off watch when they weren’t in their racks. I never seen any privacy or solitude on that tug. When underway under heavy load my teeth would nearly get rattled out of my head & we practically had to scream at each other to carry on a conversation. Except for a couple of deep freezer we had no room for food storage so we were SOL after a week & a half. I go home today and the concepts of being trapped in a small space, eating previously frozen bread, drinking previously frozen milk, adding ketchup to spaghetti sauce to thicken it up & doing without won’t be new to me. At least I’ll have phone signal & beer.



I laugh at some of these people and how they think 14-30-60 days of isolation is so extreme :joy: A few times in my career I called the office about getting off ? And they had forgotten I was there still, this is 12+ wks later and no not Bouchard :joy:


Happens more than people think. Quite alright with my “Isolation”. Good news today, my back ordered TP from Amazon a month ago arriving in a few days. Passed by Wal-Mart today (not my destination), parking lot was full. No effing way going in there.

Any form of isolation for someone who is not used to it is extreme I would think.
With all your experience of ‘isolation’ just imagine suddenly being banged up in Alcatraz for an unknown period for no reason; pretty sure that is going to stress you out somewhat.
Also, 12 weeks is pathetic; 16 months was my longest.

Never been “Banged up in Alcatraz”. Hopefully you haven’t either. My bride and I have been used to being apart and fending for ourselves in the industry we chose. She in the medical field, me on these boats. Been together for many decades, or apart as some may say due to the separation of trip time. We are just fine hanging out together after missing each other for so many years. Freezer is kinda full, have access to fresh veggies, and as long as she doesn’t bother me in the kitchen, no problem.

I’ve been shopping from 7am to 8am as many of the stores designate that for senior citizens now. The stores are all stocked up for the day and you can get whatever you need provided it is there. to be had.

I’ve been going to the stores in the later evening and they were about bare. Recently, I was at the local Walmart the other day and was
surprised to see how well stocked up it was compare to a week or so before.

I guess Supply and Demand are finally starting to deviate. Things seemed about 20% more expensive? Anyone else have this same issue?

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Here in the north of the UK it’s pretty much back to normal, with some exceptions, still no hand sanitizer, or antibacterial wipes, and no broccoli or flour.

I have an ever growing list of things that I should of bought before the lockdown and other stuff I now need. Paint, 6 x 12mm x 30mm bolts, radiator flush and coolant among them. I have a large diesel mower and a small 42hp tractor sitting idle until the lockdown is lifted.

Just started our victory garden.


Have you considered/tried Ebay?