Hot Girls, Hotter Ships - Photo Contest



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[QUOTE=trekleader;27925]Ah, fishing…[/QUOTE]

Oh, treckleader, you might get sent to the penalty box but you get my thanks, two of’em.
Maybe I’ll get sent there too.


Here’s a new one for you!


this is NOTHING! You want to see a “Hot Girls on Boats” thread then go here

347 pages of this!

I love it when they wear those straw cowboy hats!


Took this one down in wonderful Cameron some 29 years ago. . . . and, no, not a local girl. . .

Jenny by cmakin, on Flickr



The very first picture with the girl in yellow is the winner in my book!!!


Any boat/girl pics on the Jobbie Nooner pages; it’s a HUGE boat party on Lake St. Clair upriver from Detroit.



Love that DUCK!


Some reason I cant thank anyone on first page only last page of the thread. I want to thank the picture of the short haired none in the grundens


Mmmm grundens :heart_eyes:


This thread needs revitalization!! :heart_eyes:


I thought the recent link to an escort site was a bit too revitalizing, and flagged it.


I didn’t know girls could be escorts. Check out the curves on this one:



Mmmmm…I want one. :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s why it popped up as recently active but there were no new posts.