Hornblower Shutdown

I heard all of Hornblower cruises has shutdown and furloughed all marine employees (US and Canada). Can anyone confirm?

Are NYC Ferries still running or did they also shutdown?

Resuming service by April 12 sounds optimistic.

All their dinner cruises, etc are shutdown.

Statue of Liberty, Niagra Falls, Alcatraz etc all shut down.

NYC Ferries are still running as they are essential in providing commuter service.

Hornblower bought out Entertainment Cruises (Spirit Cruises, odyssey cruises) last year and I have several friends who work on those boats, only the operation manger types (they would be called port captains on the commercial side) are still working.

Yea, Hornblower went on a shopping spree and bought out almost all the party boats recently:
Entertainment Cruises, Boston Harbor Cruises, London’s City Cruises, American Queen, Victory Cruise Lines, Niagara Cruises, Alcatrza…

I was thinking that they must be highly leveraged and now are probably suffering greatly. Hopefully they can weather the storm.

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